Please read carefully our code of conduct. These codes of conduct can be violated and you will face a suspension of your services, either temporary or permanent.

You swear that you have been supervised by a doctor and are buying the product on their recommendation. Further, you swear that you are not suffering from a serious medical condition. You also affirm that your doctor has recommended cannabis for you to help you with your pain.

You swear that your doctor has informed you about the possible side effects and benefits of cannabis use, as well as your use of medication and other supplements. Further, you swear that you fully understand the risks and benefits of cannabis use and acknowledge that magic mushrooms can cause serious injury or death. This risk is fully and completely accepted by you.

You are only allowed to use the product purchased. It is prohibited to share or resell the product. You will be permanently banned from membership if you are suspected to have ordered the product other than for your personal use.

You acknowledge and agree that this product can only be used in Canada.

Use the products responsibly and in a respectful manner. You should not use cannabis in public or on the streets. If you have consumed cannabis in any form, do not drive or operate machinery. Keep cannabis products out of the reach of children and anyone younger than 19.

Cannabis can cause temporary cognitive and coordination problems, as well as memory loss.

If you have ever consumed cannabis in any form, it is forbidden to drive or operate any heavy machinery. You should be aware of the effects of mushrooms products and other varieties. Avoid eating magic mushrooms before you swim, drive, or do any other activity that could be hazardous to you or others. Mix mushrooms with alcohol and other drugs.

We make no promises or claims regarding medical conditions. You acknowledge and agree to this. It is your responsibility to seek medical supervision and advice. You also agree to waive any claim against us for negligence, foreseeable or unanticipated, and whether or not foreseeable, as well against our owners, directors and suppliers. You agree to not take any action against us, our directors, employees, suppliers, affiliates or owners for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify us, all of our employees, directors suppliers, owners, affiliates and owners for any costs or expenses incurred in enforcing or asserting any part of the agreement, including on a solicitor-client basis.

We and our affiliates, as well as any related companies, shall not be liable under any circumstances. This includes, but isn’t limited to, negligence, gross negligence, negligent MISrepresentation, and fundamental breach. These limitations apply regardless if the party liable/alleged to be liable was informed, had other cause to know, or in actual fact knew about the possibility of such damages. You expressly acknowledge and agree that neither we nor our affiliates, AND RELATED COMPANIES or each of their respective DIRECTORS, officers, employees, CONSULTANTS, AND AGENTS, shall be liable to you for any defamatory.