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Third Eye Shrooms has the best selection of microdosing capsules for shrooms in Canada. There are many strains and dosages to choose from, so we have something for everyone. A new trend in psychedelics is shroom microdose capsules. It has been shown to have promising results for creativity and mental health.

Microdose Mushroom Capsules

Scooby Snacks Capsules – 1500mg


What's Microdosing Shrooms?

A microdose is one small amount of shrooms. They can be taken by either grinding them into powder, and then boiling water to dissolve the powder or using pills already ground. Magic Mushroom microdoses are a great choice for those who want something simple but also enlightening. A shroom microdose is a way to use psilocybin mushroom for therapeutic purposes. It contains 0.2 to 2 grams of shrooms and lasts for 3 to 5 hours. This low dose of mushrooms can be used to improve your self-esteem. Microdosing mushrooms may be a good option for those who are tired of taking large quantities of mushrooms.

What are some of the benefits of Microdosing mushrooms?

Microdosing can help with anxiety and depression. Microdosing has been gaining popularity recently because it is reported to have fewer side effect than higher doses of psychoactive drugs for therapeutic purposes.

Microdosing shrooms has many benefits, including its ability to treat anxiety and depression. It can boost your mood and make you more productive during the day.

Doctors have used microdoses of Psilocybin in the treatment of severe depression. Although these doses don't cause hallucinations, they can effectively treat anxiety and depression. Microdoses of shrooms are popular for their powerful antioxidant properties.

Microdosing shrooms has the main advantage of helping you to get into a routine. Your productivity will increase if you are more consistent. Microdosing can lead to increased energy and focus, emotional balance, creativity, and greater creativity. Also, it has been proven that people who use psychedelics are more likely than others to seek spiritual connection and relief from depression.

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